Speak Your Value with
The 8 Languages of Money
and you WILL Close Clients Quickly!


What would closing even ONE extra client per month do for your business, income, and confidence?  Now imagine doing that on a weekly, or even daily basis?  You'd be a money making machine!

No doubt you'd be on fire! AND...there is no reason why this can't be your reality!  

All you need are the tools, systems, and someone to come alongside you to help you master your sales and maximize your inner money game!

If you're ready to stop wasting time and money trying to figure this out yourself, here are some simple steps you can take to work with me so you can earn more in less time while doing what you love!  


 Free eBook: Speak Your Value

Speak Your Value includes 15 Powerful Sales Scripts & Strategies to Command Respect and Drive Results!

In this powerful reference guide, you will:

>Unlock powerful strategies to put money in your pocket fast.
>Learn secret strategies for making networking work for you.
>Get handed a list of powerful scripts you can start using immediately to increase sales today! 

"This quick read is chock full of business ideas and action steps to get you moving forward, fast!" 

"Tangible real life examples of steps everyone can easily do!"

"I love your book!  It's just like having a bunch of our conversations put together in one place that I can refer to over and over!" 

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The EMPOWERMENT Action Club is  sales + money mastery  that will guide you step-by-step towards creating a rock solid foundation for empire style growth!

• Master your sales conversations,
• Bust through limiting money beliefs,
• Create your Power Positioning that speaks to your dream clients !
• Build your empire with grace, ease and massive profitability!

By the end of the EMPOWERMENT Action Club, you’ll have the tools, momentum, support and systems to create income on demand for the rest of your business life!


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 Close Clients Quickly MINI-Class 

I've been tested and have a 100% score in closing!  After much research, I've documented this process and created a 10-Point Sales Script that is the basis for how I hold my 'discovery calls' which convert 100%!


In the Close Clients Quickly MINI Class, I'll share with you my proven 3-Step Formula to a perfect sales call AND walk you through what the 10 Points are that you must cover, in what order, and how - so that you can stop over delivering, stop coaching in sales calls and start Closing Clients Quickly!


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 VIP Day with The 8 Languages of Money™

Command conversations around and about money with strength, power, grace and ease!

How will your Business and Life be different when you're able to:

>Powerfully communicate with your clients around and about money.
>Make important financial decisions in your own business and life objectively, without fear or excited emotions. 
>Increase your profitability without increasing the numbers of hours you're working!

Allow The 8 Languages of Money™ to unlock your hidden strengths in business and in life in as quickly as 1 Virtual VIP Day!  

Click here to Shift Your Business In 1 Virtual VIP Day! 


♦ Income Breakthrough Call

You need deeper support and you're ready for an Income Breakthrough Call!

This call is right for you if:

>You're ready for a business review and can handle a strong & light hearted consultation.
>You don't see yourself retiring in the traditional sense, but you also know you want money coming in without having to hustle forever!
>Failure in your business is NOT an option!
>You're ready to stop wasting time and you're able to invest in an expert who can help move your business forward.
>You're looking for a solution to help you breakthrough your income and you're ready to invest when you find the right one.

This call is NOT right for you if:

>You're not in a service business.
>There's really no sense in urgency in increasing sales.
>You're only looking for free coaching.
>You're not ready for a significant increase in business activities and income. 

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