Money touches every part of your business.
And without a sales conversation, money can't come into your business.

Entrepreneur, Solo-Practioner, Small Business Owner

Women especially have never been taught to speak confidently or competently around or about money.  I have seen this cripple women in business - and I don't say that lightly!
Hear how these clients turned around their business in ONE DAY with The 8 Languages of Money....

Group, Team, Division or Staff Training

The power of a team is the power of progress.  The question is - is your team powerful, or feeling powerless?  If 99% of problems are rooted in communciations, and most of what you do in business conversations some how touches money, doesn't it make sense that we have a conversation around and about how you and your team think, relate and respond to money?!  Let's talk!

Seminars, Workshops & Keynote Experiences

Money touches every part of your business, yet it's what we leave the most to assumptions and feel most uncomfortable directly addressing!

Imagine what it would look like if we empowered your team to talk about money by giving them a broad stroke permission slip to do so in a fun, engaging and impactful seminar or keynote expereince?  Click here to learn how my speaking tour can come to your company.

Whether you're new to business, turning around or expanding an existing business, or part of a larger team - strengthening communication skills using The 8 Languages of Money™ so you can Speak Your Value™ will help you, Close Clients, Quickly™! 

Need more details or want a private consultation? Contact me! 

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