Meet The Tribe!

Jenny & Ellen were best friends who decided to start a business together teaching Improv techniques to business owners (how cool is that?!)  

All was going well... until that pesky thing called money entered the equation.  Listen to their story here and see if you don't see yourself in parts of this too! 

"In our first month working together my gross income increased 200%.  
Month 2 was an increase of 200% OVER LAST MONTH!  
I'm pretty happy with that trajectory!"

"Before working with Liz, I was challenged with determining the appropriate compensation for my work.

She helped me to see that I could actually charge more for my services!  Sounds simple but was a giant breakthrough for me and ultimately changed how I spend my time with my clients!  

I'm now much less stressed and in a far better position to be giving!

In our first month working together my gross income increased 200%. Month 2 was an increase of 200% over last month. Pretty happy with that trajectory!  

Liz is practical and good with details about the language and negotiating skills.

She's been great about honoring my need to be authentic and have fair and equitable pricing and educating me about what that really means for me and my clients."

Jennifer Boyd, Physician Assistant & Owner, Boyd Wellness

"... I've earned $5,600 of business I can directly attribute to what I learned.... "

"Before working with Liz, I was challenged with not having a map to confidently have powerful conversations to effectively close clients. I would get caught up with their objections and let them off the hook way too easily.

When I heard that Liz has closed 100% of the prospects she made offers to, I knew I needed to work with her.

I learned how to ascertain and point out when someone is not presenting themselves as having an urgency about solving their problem.

I love being able to tell them that I can get them unstuck. And what that would look like is either to commit to getting coaching from me to get the results they are saying they want, or to tell them that it's apparently not a priority for them and so they should take it off their list of things to worry about.

When I have made people aware that I am not hearing an urgency (if indeed I'm not) in their wanting help, when I point it out to them, they seem to become more clear as to why they really do want the results. Then they begin to tell me why the urgency is there. That in turn allows them to realize how and why I can help them.

I am also taking a much stronger stand for prospects based on the confidence I have gotten from Liz's service call script. It's been extremely helpful and powerful.

Since taking the Close Clients Quickly MiniClass, I've earned $5,600 of business I can directly attribute to what I learned in the class. I am so thankful to have met Liz."

Julie Latz, Binge Eating Disorder Coach, The Peaceful Eater,

As a income was up 422%!"

"I had some blocks around money and it was hindering my business growth.

Getting to know Liz through the eWomenNetwork and how dynamic she is, I thought, "I want some of what she's having!"

Liz took me through The 8 Languages of Money which really clarified how I interact with money, talk about it, and helped me set the clear groundwork to open up and break through those blocks!

I was tied up in trying to give my clients what I felt they needed and I wanted to provide.  Liz helped me breakthrough to understand what my CLIENTS want and provide this to them.  

"Now, I am able to talk freely with my clients about my fees
because I know the value I bring and can focus on the benefits they will receive."

By providing what my clients want, I've been able to reword my marketing and information to speak their language. It's all about communication, isn't it?

My income was up 422% last year!  Liz is strong when she needs to be to help get through that #holyshift and she is very understanding and intuitive of my needs too!"

Lesley Ingves, CEO, Clear Pathway, LLC,

"Simply put, the biggest takeaway is consistency!
I'm using the tools Liz provides to support being consistent!"

"I love to connect with people! But connecting with my ideal client, getting to the point in the conversation of talking about money and offering my service brought up fear and anxiety.

I was having friendly conversations over coffee with too many people who weren't my ideal clients and not engaging in enrolling/business engaging conversations.

Lots of time spent on social conversations and coffee - and no real business transactions.  

I started working with Liz after she called me! (Yes, she walks her talk!). She called and asked me lots of questions about how things were going for me, had me describe what my ideal would be and then told me how she can get me from here to there. Nothing salesy - straight up from the heart offer to be of service to me in my business :)  

I learned my primary Money Language! I learned which money languages I was already bringing to the conversation and which ones I wasn't. I learned how my Connector, Accumulator, and Romantic can work together in my enrolling conversations :)

The biggest value of working with Liz has to be the enrolling/conversion/discovery script!  I received direct support from Liz in customizing her template to the service I offer and my style in the Close Clients Quickly MasterClass!  

I have incorporated these sections into my enrolling conversations and
I feel I am having deeper discovery sessions with people!  

I'm also using the call sheet from the Dialing For Dollars Club!  I print it off, make copies for each day, plan ahead and use it! No more overthinking - just call who is on the list!

Simply put, the biggest takeaway is consistency! I'm using the tools Liz provides to support being consistent."


Janina Goldberg, Process Management & Systems Support for Coaches on a Mission


"When Liz led me through The 8 Languages of Money™ process
and I discovered my Maverick it shifted everything!"

"Before working with Liz, I was dissatisfied a bit with by clientele and the money I was not making! I also was seeing that I was selling myself short and had a larger purpose! I knew I needed to pivot my business which meant taking a step back and possibly rebrand and refocus.

Liz gave me the courage to jump in and get going! Even though I felt like I had to start all over again, Liz helped me to see that all I needed to do was make small shifts!

When she led me through The 8 Languages of Money™ process and I discovered my Maverick it shifted everything! I realized that it was actually EASY for me to handle complex projects and transactions! In fact - I actually THRIVE on it!!

I had been thinking it was 'hard' for me to run my own business because I was a 'corporate girl'. But now I'm not afraid to turn this into a long term project with short term goals and take it one step at a time!

I've now rebranded myself as the Millennial Leadership Mentor and I'm facing my new trajectory without the fear I was having before working with Liz!!

On a personal note, learning about The 8 Languages of Money also helped me make the quick and easy decision to go solar! This is a very complex and detailed process that took over 4 months to complete but it was EASY because these complexities are what I thrive on as a Maverick!"

Maureen Ross Gemme | Emergent Leader Mentor

“I feel more confident in my own values,
and I am achieving the results I was looking for.”

"Before I began working with Liz, I was unsure of my own value/my self-worth, and my results were not what I should be achieving.  I was taking on the type of clients who kept demanding more from me and as a result, I would over-deliver without charging enough. Not a good situation.

Working with Liz made me realize that I was not treating myself and my business on the level that I should. I considered my services as ‘offerings’, and was more of a Nurturer in my dealings with clients.

Once I realized that, I began a shift with setting boundaries, changing my client’s mindset as well as my own, and realized that I am not responsible FOR them, but TO them.  Also, she helped me change from an ‘employee mindset’ to a position as an expert/strategic partner.

Liz also reminded me of the need to change up my sales strategy - starting from the end with their wants/needs and then driving the conversation to where I show them that I can help them achieve that end.  Somehow over the years, I had forgotten that sales is inspiring someone to take action on THEIR vision and dreams, not mine.

I had such a shift after my conversation with Liz that I went to a meeting the next day, feeling more confident than I had in years.  I showed that potential client how I stood for their transformation, and got the contract.

I now have a system that works, instead of getting random results. I had several breakthroughs, with a new messaging and packaging process, strategic partnership mapping, financial breakthroughs, and I feel like a ‘superstar’.

Liz said, “Marilyn, you are qualified and competent. Just do it!”  She not only has helped me empower myself and my business, but also showed me how to empower my clients.


Marilyn Dayton | The Marketing And Biz Pro





"Liz Dederer is absolutely phenomenal. Within the first 15 minutes of our initial coaching session, Liz provided the clarity + confidence that I needed to update my pricing and repackage my programs. As a result, I took her advice and generated an additional $105,000 in revenue. I am eternally grateful!"  -
Kadena Tate, Standout from the crowd with Kadena Tate International

Africa Archield - Joy Strategist

"Liz lead me on a deep, transformational experience that flipped my notion of acknowledgement versus approval. As a work from home mompreneur, I realized I needed to set up some boundaries to allow my ideas to bear fruit as cash. I can't thank Liz enough helping me to craft a script to use to garner the support I need from family and friends as my business blossoms!" - Africa Archield, Joy Strategist

Carleen McIlveen - Imagine By Carleen

"Liz is the best business partner I have had in my 25 year career!  She always has a different angle or approach to look at.  She has helped me to realize my vision and continues to help me expand!"  -Carleen McIlveen, Helping you find your Best Beautiful Self with Imagine By Carleen

"Liz is an amazing coach, who knows exactly what she's talking about!"  
-Candace D, Network Marketing Professional

Pam Friedlander - Positive Reflections

"Liz has the most vibrant personality, and contagious enthusiasm. When she walks in a room, you know you are in good hands. Liz understands small business owners and their issues. She listens, advises and has valuable ideas to propel any business." - Pam Friedlander, Positive Reflections Wardrobe + Image Consultant

Terry Murphy - Word Bird Delivers

"Working with Liz was invaluable beyond measure. She helped me to see the REAL reason I'm doing my work; the AUTHENTIC soul of the project."  - 
Terry Murphy, Founder & Chief Enthusiast, Word Bird 

Allison Bloom - The Bloominghill Group


"Liz was able to  summarize what I have read in probably five different books, and said it in a way that I could get my head around it and refer back to it.” - Allison Bloom, Your Healthcare Reform Coach, The Bloominghill Group - 

"Thank you for the coaching call, it really was a amazing!
It honestly felt just like talking with a friend."

-Natalie Clark, Network Marketing Professional

Tina Kadish - Life Is Ideal


"Liz helped me to hone in on determining my target client by asking detailed questions.  She has a passion for helping people.  She is personable, smart & a driven individual!"
 -Tina Kadish, Life is Ideal




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