"Women, Sales & Making Money are not typically said in the same sentence.  I'm on a mission to change that!"

A firm believer that business doesn’t have to feel so hard, Liz Dederer helps women in business Speak their Value using The 8 Languages of Money™ so they can Close Clients Quickly!  

Before birthing a business and a baby in 2011, Liz worked her way up in retail - first working in stores, then moving into corporate where she created training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers. As a consultant, she developed growth strategies for start up, turnaround, high growth and venture-capital backed companies.

Liz's most memorable corporate experience is turning around an underperforming sales team from under 300K to $1.2M in 6 months

She now takes her unique view point from working on the front line in stores to the board room and everywhere in between to help women in business speak their value!


"When you teach women to have fun and be powerful in conversations around and about money -  you're one step closer to changing the world!"



Liz has clients who have closed their first 'comma' client, experienced their first 5-figure month, generated $37,000 in 2 weeks, ended the year 50% over plan and who have reported annual increases over $500K!

Liz is the author of an eBook, Speak Your Value: 15 Powerful Scripts & Strategies For Sales Conversations; is a sought after keynote speaker, and has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit for her innovative approach using The 8 Languages of Money™ in helping women in business Close Clients Quickly. 

The personal side of me...
I'm a mom 1st, business owner 2nd.  

This happy, smart, funny, outgoing, entertaining kiddo is the reason why I started this 'business adventure.' {while working full time and growing her!}  My life's purpose is to be a good mom to and for her.  The greatest gift I've received is having the time to see the world through her eyes!   

Empowering women to speak their value in all conversations, especially around and about money, starts at the dinner table and extends to the conference table.  My work always starts at home; my work truly is never done. 



Are you interested in how I use my experience, challenges and successes
to help YOU Speak YOUR Value so you too can Close Clients Quickly?

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