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What is the "Phrase That Pays"?

No more 'traditional newsletter' or 'ezine'!   Instead I'm sending you something you can 'take to the bank'!

The Phrase That Pays is my 'value add' email to send to you with a specific phrase, nugget, question or thought that you can actually use in conversation with a prospective client to help you convert the conversation to cash!

Below are the first 3 Phrases that were emailed out so you can see a sample of what's to come!  

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"How can I support you?"
If you’re taking the time to connect with people for or around your business, take less than a moment and ask, “So, now that you know what it is I do / how I help women in business / about the services I provide, how can I support you?”

So often, we're afraid to 'ask' for the sale.  This #phrasethatpays shifts you from 'sales' to 'service' and creates a genuine and authentic curiosity that can, and likely will ultimately lead to a sale or a strong partnership! 

This super simple, and so under utilized phrase has generated tens of thousands of dollars in my business, and in the business of countless others. 
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"Tell me more about that."
"Help me understand that better."
Here's the scenario:  You're in a sales conversation with a client, and you're asking questions and they answer - BUT.... you're still feeling like you would benefit from more information...ASK!!

If you've taken the Close Clients Quickly MasterClass, listened to the free training or attended one of my talks - you know my proven 3 step formula for a perfect sales call, and you know part of that formula includes you asking a specific set of questions.

The two phrases above fall under the 'question' category - at least they do in my book, but don't try it on Jeopardy! :)

Phrase #1 is great when someone is being short with answers...
You:  How long has this been bothering you?
Them: About 4 years.
You:  Tell me more about that.

Open flood gates of information!!

Phrase #2 is great when they're giving you information, but you need to go deeper...
You:  How long has this been bothering you?

Them: About 4 years, but it really hasn't been bad till the past year or so. 
You:  So this past year has been really bad - help me understand that better.

Notice the formula there: repeat the pain, then insert an extender to keep them talking!

If they respond vaguely, or you're still confused, use a 1-2 punch!
You:  How long has this been bothering you?
Them: About 4 years.
You:  Help me understand that better.  Tell me more about that.

Sometimes asking the same question, differently, in rapid succession will trigger the desired response.  

Always do this in a way that feels really good for you, authentic, and above all else - is being in service to them!

The key take-away here is to not be afraid to ask the same question twice!
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Scenario:  You're following up with a networking connection - not a warm lead, just someone you met.

Using the eWomenNetwork motto of "Give First, Share Always & Lift As You Climb", or BNI's "Givers Gain", a great way to 'give before you get' is to ask directly!
"What can I do to make your job easier?"
If you're feeling stressed about not having enough people to call, not having anyone to connect with, having more month than money again, and someone who you met at last Tuesdays networking event calls and asks you, "What can I do to make your job / life /day / business easier?" - wouldn't you feel a major sigh of relief?

I know I sure would!

Here's the key - when you ask this question:
1) Be prepared to help them!
2) Be prepared with an answer as this question is likely coming back to you!
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