As kids, we're taught that talking about money is 'taboo'.

Then we grow up, become entrepreneurs, and quickly realize that if we don't get comfortable talking about money soon - we're not going to have much of it at all!

Hear from business partners Jenny + Ellen who had a one-day #holyshift around their relationship with money, their business - and most importantly, their friendship!

 The ONE Day Transformation with The 8 Languages of Money™ is a powerful solution designed to empower you with the tools to command conversations!


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There is absolutely no reason why that can't be you as well!  

Imagine stepping into your next conversation knowing that you're able to...

Master the #1 Secret to effective negotiations in deals, contracts and conversations in a way that balances risk with financial certainty. 

Easily attract higher paying clients, stronger business partners and employees who pay for themselves! 
Tap into your natural strengths where you excel so you can simply, easily and gracefully discuss money in life's most important situations, such as with your spouse, family and clients.
Step into your money voice so you can communicate easily and effectively with opposing money languages in a way that leaves both parties feeling powerful, confident and at a mutually agreed upon financial decision.


The VIP Day Transformation with The 8 Languages of Money™ is a powerful solution designed to empower you with the tools to command conversations!


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How would your business and life be different if you were able to...

Understand how your clients think, feel and relate to money so that you can guide them towards a financial solution leaving them feeling empowered and you compensated for your true value.
Write emails, marketing materials, and even sales scripts that speak the money language of your client.

Learn how to identify the hidden strengths of your team so you can assign projects that speak to them  leaving your staff feeling valued and contributing at a higher level than either of you can imagine.

Get handed a checklist of practical so you can start taking action immediately to eliminate financial self-sabotage in your business.
Discover powerful secrets to using resources more effectively in business operations and investments so you can increase your profitability without increasing the number of hours you're working.
Reveal the key areas where you may be giving away your power in business conversation and develop the scripts and skills to eliminate resistance once and for all.


Now, imagine being able to do that after just ONE DAY!

That's the power of using The 8 Languages of Money™!  

"When Liz led me through The 8 Languages of Money™ process
and I discovered my Maverick - it shifted everything!"

"Before working with Liz, I was dissatisfied a bit with by clientele and the money I was not making! I also was seeing that I was selling myself short and had a larger purpose! I knew I needed to pivot my business which meant taking a step back and possibly rebrand and refocus.

Liz gave me the courage to jump in and get going! Even though I felt like I had to start all over again, Liz helped me to see that all I needed to do was make small shifts!

When she led me through The 8 Languages of Money™ process and I discovered my Maverick it shifted everything! I realized that it was actually EASY for me to handle complex projects and transactions! In fact - I actually THRIVE on it!!

I had been thinking it was 'hard' for me to run my own business because I was a 'corporate girl'. But now I'm not afraid to turn this into a long term project with short term goals and take it one step at a time!

I've now rebranded myself as the Millennial Leadership Mentor and I'm facing my new trajectory without the fear I was having before working with Liz!!

On a personal note, learning about The 8 Languages of Money™ also helped me make the quick and easy decision to go solar! This is a very complex and detailed process that took over 4 months to complete but it was EASY because these complexities are what I thrive on as a Maverick!" - Maureen Ross Gemme | Emergent Leader Mentor



In as quickly as ONE VIP Dayusing this powerful & proprietary program that you will ONLY FIND HERE, we're able to pinpoint, with precision, where you're blocked so that we can transform your thinking, your actions and your business so you can earn more in less time while doing what you love!


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“I feel more confident in my own values,
and I am achieving the results I was looking for.”

"Before I began working with Liz, I was unsure of my own value/my self-worth, and my results were not what I should be achieving.  I was taking on the type of clients who kept demanding more from me and as a result, I would over-deliver without charging enough. Not a good situation.

Working with Liz made me realize that I was not treating myself and my business on the level that I should. I considered my services as ‘offerings’, and was more of a Nurturer in my dealings with clients.

Once I realized that, I began a shift with setting boundaries, changing my client’s mindset as well as my own, and realized that I am not responsible FOR them, but TO them.  Also, she helped me change from an ‘employee mindset’ to a position as an expert/strategic partner.

Liz also reminded me of the need to change up my sales strategy - starting from the end with their wants/needs and then driving the conversation to where I show them that I can help them achieve that end.  Somehow over the years, I had forgotten that sales is inspiring someone to take action on THEIR vision and dreams, not mine.

I had such a shift after my conversation with Liz that I went to a meeting the next day, feeling more confident than I had in years.  I showed that potential client how I stood for their transformation, and got the contract.

I now have a system that works, instead of getting random results. I had several breakthroughs, with a new messaging and packaging process, strategic partnership mapping, financial breakthroughs, and I feel like a ‘superstar’.

Liz said, “Marilyn, you are qualified and competent. Just do it!”  She not only has helped me empower myself and my business, but also showed me how to empower my clients.


Marilyn Dayton | The Marketing And Biz Pro

Knowing how to Speak Your Value™ with
The 8 Languages of Money™ will show you
with precision where your subconscious is with money.


It is from that place of deep understanding where
lasting transformations {holyshifts} can occur with
clarity, grace, ease and absolute confidence!


"I have the clarity to see things from my client's perspective.  I'm now able to position my business so that I am can clearly and confidently explain my value!
I no longer feel the need to be competing with low-cost solutions!" Robin D

"I developed an understanding of my perception and relationship with money. I now see how my relationship with money is channeled into my personality and influences the handling of business and personal activities.Michele M

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The 8 Languages of Money™ to create deep and lasting transformations for your business, income and for you! 




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